The Shape Guide: Pear Cut

The Shape Guide: Pear Cut


Charming and alluring, one of the most charismatic of all cuts, the pear or teardrop as it’s also known, is a stunning option for a ring as unique as you are.

The pear-cut dates back as early as the 15th century and is considered a cross between the round brilliant and the marquise shape diamond- celebrating the best of both cuts in this unique shape. Back in vogue in the high mid-20th century, the pear was synonymous with glamour and opulence thanks to the iconic Taylor-Burton diamond. Gifted to Elizabeth Taylor in 1969 by her legendary partner, Richard Burton, the actress wore the 69-carat pear-cut diamond both as a necklace and as a ring to many red carpet events. Other well-known fans of the pear cut include Victoria Beckham, Sophie Turner, and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

A much beloved and coveted cut, pear shapes are surprisingly versatile, offering a glittering array of styles, not to mention playful wearability in the pear’s orientation too. Pointing north, south, or east-west, with additional stones, blooms, crescents and crowns the possibilities are endless! How will you wear yours? Comment below and let us know.