What I’m Reading: Vol. 122.

What I’m Reading: Vol. 122.

Diamonds in the Library
What I’m Reading: Vol. 122.

Hello, my darlings!

Look at me, posting several times in a month! It’s so nice to be getting back into the swing of things a bit. But remember that if you miss me between blog posts, you can always find me on Instagram or over at Instore Magazine.

Last week’s post was especially exciting because I had the great pleasure of covering the 2022 AGTA Spectrum Awards Editor’s Day event in Texas. If you’re keeping track at home: yes, this was my very first jewelry trip in four years, the first time I’ve traveled for business since my chronic illness became serious.

It was very different from how I used to travel – I needed wheelchair assistance at the airport, several spinal braces, a recovery infusion in my hotel room, and physical therapy prep before and recovery after – but I did it and I’m so happy I went!

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