Behind the scenes, 2018.

Behind the scenes, 2018.

Diamonds in the Library
Behind the scenes, 2018.

There’s something I want to tell you before 2018 ends: I’ve been sick this whole year.

I don’t have a diagnosis, but something is wrong. I’ve shared bits and pieces – a blog post about my heart arrhythmia; a nebulizer selfie; occasional Instagram stories asking for advice on chronic costochondritis – but there’s been more going on behind the scenes.

My body hurts every day and I’m tired and it’s scary. But it’s also lonely, and I decided that I wanted you to know. Public Becky and Private Becky have become too far apart and I needed to unite them again.

I’ve wanted to tell you what’s been going on, my dear readers, but I haven’t known what to say.

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